Release: Reigns

Kingdom of cards.
Reigns, a monarch simulator where you rule an entire realm à la carte, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on
Ruling a kingdom isn't so hard. Without ever leaving your comfortable throne, you can just shuffle the requests of your advisors, peasants, ambassadors, and other influential figures into a deck, then make binary decisions on how to deal with them as they randomly come up. Of course, you need to keep a delicate balance between the Church, the People, the Army, and the Treasury or you might end up with your guardian's sword sticking out of your belly, burnt at the stake, or poisoned by the royal doctor. At least there's another member of your dynasty waiting in line to pick up the crown and have a chance at making their own bad decisions, completely disregarding the consequences of their actions, their allies' hidden agendas, and the unforeseen effects of random events. Poor bastards.
Become the hand of the king and swipe your will across the screen in Reigns, DRM-free on Highborns might want to upgrade to the Collector's Edition, which includes the full OST, the Companion Book, and a semi-interactive soundtrack.