Release: Realms of Chaos

Two heroes, one mission, many dangers.
Realms of Chaos, a VGA-era action-platformer from the Apogee team, with 26 levels filled to the brim with menacing magic, terrorizing traps, and giant monstrous guardians, is available on, for only $5.99
Endrick, the warrior, and Elandra, the sorceress--there's no bard in the world that wouldn't sing the songs about their heroic deeds. The Glorious Two vanquished the evil spawns and rid the land of menacing forces of chaos, thus instating the Kingdom of Peace and bringing the Age of Prosperity to mankind. However, only a few of the songs mention the curse that has befallen on the heroes, and most bards will not sing them. They dare not risk corrupting the memory of the Glorious Two. Ignorants! There's nothing shameful in the dimorphic curse. What's the harm in knowing that there was a good reason Elandra and Endrick were never seen together? That the Glorious Two was actually the Glorious One? No harm at all! That's why our order holds the Annual Dimorphic Curse Awareness Week. Would you like a leaflet to read some more?
Realms of Chaos is a 1995 classic Apogee action-platformer with a fantasy setting and an RPG-ish feel. There are two characters at your disposal--a mighty swordsman and a magic-wielding sorceress. You can switch from one to another at any time to utilize their capabilities, but they both share one life-bar. These interesting mechanics, 26 challenging levels, and wicked enemy design (think giant bosses!), makes Realms of Chaos one of the most interesting action games of its time.
Muster all your magic and might to conquer the Realms of Chaos, for only $5.99 on