Release: Raiden Legacy

Classic coin-op excitement!
Raiden Legacy, a collection of four classic arcade vertical shoot 'em ups with pixel graphics and swarms of foes, is available 10% off on for Windows and Mac. That's only $8.99 for the first week!
If you got to visit the arcades as a kid, you probably have some great childhood memories. There were few things nearly as exciting as blasting through the swarms of alien invaders, sweaty palms desperately gripping the controls, knowing that the final boss is just about to turn up, and that you're on your last quarter. Here's your chance to relive that experience with your computer screen full of flashing explosions, ears flooded by the sound of roaring supersonic jet engines, and great pixel-art coming at you from all directions. Not one, but four classic titles await arcade champions and brave contestants in this amazing collection.
Raiden Legacy revives one of the most memorable arcade shoot 'em up series, that excels in fast paced action with abundance of flying flashy projectiles and a great variety of enemies coming in waves from the top of the screen. There are--of course--some giant bosses to fight, lots of power-ups, and a great selection of weaponry. The Legacy consists of four independent titles updated with optional graphics filter: Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet, for a great value that can be recommended to all vertical arcade shooter fans. Make sure to grab a Player 2 and get double the fun!
Compared to the amounts of money we've all probably lost quarter by quarter as kids in the arcade, Raiden Legacy with its $8.99 pricetag on looks like a bargain, especially for the unlimited play! The offer lasts until Thursday, May 23, at 9:59AM GMT.