Release: Quest for Glory I - V

So, You Want to Be A Hero?
One of the best series of the 90s--the adventure/RPG hybrid that combines high draw with low humor--the Quest for Glory series is now on Pick up all 5 games in the series for just $9.99! In addition to the manuals, maps, books and other goodies, we're also including the original EGA version for Quest for Glory I as well as the remake!
If you’re a gamer who remembers the days when a 386 was a blazingly fast machine, you likely have a special place in your hearts for Sierra Entertainment Games, and the Quest For Glory series may have been the best of the games that studio developed in the 90’s. For those who remember these classics, you probably aren’t even reading this, since you just clicked on “add to cart” and are already downloading the games. For the rest of you, let’s talk about what makes Quest for Glory special.
Quest for Glory is the story of becoming a hero. From the first game, where you are a recent graduate of the Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School, to the last game where you are a hero with unparallelled skill, fighting evil on a grand scale, you chart the journey of your hero, whether you’re a fighter, a mage, or a thief. Each challenge you encounter can be solved a number of different ways--depending on where your skills lie--and discovering how to master those challenges and save the day is half of the fun.
The other half of the fun, of course, is the trademark silliness that Sierra games contain. Whether it’s clever throwbacks to other Sierra classics, cameos by the Marx Brothers, or deadly puns, the game makes sure that you’ll keep on laughing while you play. While there are definite moments of high drama and excitement throughout the series, the light-hearted nature of the games--especially the earlier ones--makes sure you’re never bored.
The Quest for Glory games have riddles and puzzles--as adventure games tend to--and fast-paced combat and stat-based character improvement--as RPGs generally do--but it combines the two together into a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.
Whether you’re a fan of the games from back in the day or you’ve never played them before, these great games are sure to enthrall, so pick up the complete Quest for Glory bundle on today for just $9.99 for all 5.