Release: Primordia

Primordia, a robotic point-and-click adventure game with enthralling story and pixelated graphics, is now available on, for only $8.99! That's 10% off, this week only!
Horatio is a devoted scholar, a philosopher, a hermit, and an able constructor. On top of that--he's a robot. He spends most of his time trying to repair the "Unniic", a long defunct airship, that also serves as the permanent shelter for Horatio. The only company he's got is his snarky sidekick, Crispin, the floating orb-bot put together from pieces of junk--or spare parts, as Crispin insists--salvaged in the rusty wasteland. Both of them lead a relatively peaceful existence in the post-apocalyptic desert, until one day a rogue war-droid raids the Unniic and steals its power core. Our heroes have no other option but to chase after it. A dangerous task, yes, but Horatio has faith that The Gospel of Man will guide them on their path. So begins a journey into the uncertain future, that will also reveal the ominous past.
Primordia is a masterfully crafted point-and-click adventure game with an exceptional premise and setting. The vision of the post-apocalyptic world, where man is not more than a myth passed on by one generation of robots and automatons to another, is something that will haunt your dreams. In Primordia you witness the world from the perspective of an artificial being "living" in a civilization of machines, and that allowed the developers to create a very unique storyline, that seems very alien and familiar at the same time. The puzzles are logical and creative, often making use of the game world's distinctive features. An eye-catching art-style combines the qualities of hand-drawn graphics with those of old-school pixel-art. Even though the post-apocalyptic future may seem dark and the questions that we face during our mission are profound, the game still manages to sneak in some quality humor and pop-culture references. Horatio's lines--serious or not--make an even bigger impression, as the character is voiced by Logan Cunningham (this voice)!
Don't let the rust get the better of you. Discover the fate of the humankind and the origins of homo sapiens mechanicus in Primordia, for only $8.99, until Wednesday, December 12, at 10:59AM GMT.