Release: Post Mortem

Death and terror in the city of love.
Post Mortem, a dark and unsettling thriller/noir adventure game set in 1920s Paris, is now available on for only $9.99.
There's always a dame. When you're a private eye it just comes with the territory. Whether your name is Sam Spade and you live off bourbon in a run-down San Francisco apartment or if you're Gustave MacPherson and you usually dine on onion soup and baguettes in a Montmartre bistro--sooner or later there'll be one knocking softly and intriguingly on your office's glass door. This particular damsel introduced herself as Sophia Blake, a pretty little thing--even if more than a tad pale--with a sad story to tell. There's always a sad story. I took the case. Why wouldn't I? I needed the money and the gruesome murders seemed interesting enough. Not every day you investigate the beheading of your client's sister and brother-in-law in the richer part of Paris. If only had I known better...
Post Mortem is a first person perspective adventure game following a private eye on a case of brutal murders. The classic point-and-click interface makes searching for clues in Paris of the 1920s as enjoyable as it can get. The ominous story takes some unexpected turns as it gets even darker with each solved puzzle. The pre-rendered cinematic cutscenes present the unknown, morbid, and sinister face of the city of love and the open dialogs impact the development of the events on the screen. The dark tone, the intriguing mystery, and the original setting make it a must-play for all the adventure, horror, and mystery fans alike.
Turn back the clock by a century and hit the streets of Paris in search for clues in Post Mortem, for only $9.99!