Release: Pid

A space oddity you won't soon forget.
Pid, a gorgeous platforming adventure that tells a story of a little boy stranded on a mysterious planet, is now available on for only $9.99.
Hush, hush. Don't wake up the kid. He looks so adorable in his little hat and that tiny backpack. Poor thing. There's so many wicked things around, that will scare him, bully him, and won't let him go home. This forsaken planet of ours is no place for little boys. He must have been displaced, somehow. Lost. Oh, how hard it will be for him to find his way around the forgotten cities, abandoned plants, and giant machines. Let's not disturb him for now. Try not to make that squeaky noise with your rusty old joints. Let's just leave silently and let him sleep a bit longer. Hush, hush. He's going to have such a hard time when he wakes up.
When the veteran game makers that brought us Bionic Commando: Rearmed decided to form a new studio and create a fresh, original platformer with unique mechanics, artstyle, and music, Pid happened. It's an amazing adventure that takes you to one of the most endearing gameworlds ever created. Sporting innovative mechanics that allow you to influence your surroundings in ways never before seen in a 2D platformer, it's bound to become a worthwhile entry in the genre's hall of fame. Think about such games as Limbo, Machinarium, and Shadow Complex--Pid feels and looks a little bit like each of them, but in a unique and non-derivative way. The game supports cooperative multiplayer, so you can enjoy its eccentric beauty with a friend--or maybe even your very special Player 2.
Are you ready for a strange adventure in the dreamy landscapes of the forgotten planet? Take your protein pills, put your helmet on, and grab Pid for only $9.99--Windows and Mac!