Release: Penumbra Collection

In the dark, not alone.
Penumbra Collection, a set of three gripping horror games with a thick atmosphere of overwhelming terror and rich, interactive environment, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the next two days!
Cold sweat running down your back, heart racing, you feel your hands tremble as you rest them on your keyboard. This is only a game--you tell yourself--I can play it, I can get through this. But the dimmed lights, and the silence of the night, make you feel like the real world does not exist anymore. It's only you, and the dark mystery before you. You can almost smell the damp, frowzy corridor as you progress slowly towards the half-open door. The darkness behind it swirls and creeps as if it was more than just the absence of light. It's only a game, you tell yourself once more--but the fear is real. It does not come from the screen. It originates deep inside you. It was always there, and the game it's just a trigger. Deep inside you suspect that dark things do exist in this world. The most frightening thing is: you start to believe it.
Penumbra Collection features all three episodes of the sensational horror series: Overture, that began the story of lethal terror and insanity, Black Plague, which picks up the tale where the first game abruptly ends, and Requiem, providing a chilling conclusion to the series. You will face unspeakable nightmares in eerie settings that will send chills down your spine while you unravel their dark and unnerving mysteries. From the masters of gaming frights, that later developed the memorable Amnesia: The Dark Descent, comes this modern horror classic. If you're a fan of the genre, your collection simply won't be complete without it!
There's more terror in the world than we can possibly imagine. Turn, and face the darkness creeping behind your back in Penumbra Collection, for only $4.99 on The 50% discount offer lasts 48 hours, that's until Thursday, August 1, at 9:59AM GMT.