Release: Pandemonium 2

You've merely adopted the chaos. They were born in it.
Pandemonium 2, a crazy colorful 2.5D platformer with two very different characters traversing many trippy, devious, and action-packed locations, is available on, for only $5.99.
Here's a new story of Nikki and Fargus, the Sorceress and the Fool--erm, sorry: Court Jester would be the correct title to use. We all have to learn to address him with due respect. After all, if the dynamic duo succeeds in their quest, they'll have the ultimate magical power of the Comet of Infinite Possibilities within their grasp. Oh well, better them than the Goon Queen, I'll guess. It's better to have chaotic good overlords, than a chaotic evil despot ruling the world, after all!
Pandemonium 2 offers you a diverse, zany, and colorful world that just begs for you to run and jump through its many crazy loops. It's a non-stop wild platforming party full of crazy ideas, wicked humor, and magic. At times, you'll get the impression that the game's world was designed by a five-year-old, and we mean it in the best possible sense. It's an explosion of imagination you really need to experience!
Unleash the chaos, run like hell, and reach for the ultimate mystical power in Pandemonium 2, for only $5.99 on