Release: Omerta: City of Gangsters

Gioco di tutti giochi.
Omerta: City of Gangsters, a realistic and complex 1930s mafia simulation with ruthless tactical turn-based combat and cooperative or competitive multi-player mode, is available on, for only $39.99
Welcome to Atlantic City, the land of opportunity. Everything you heard about this place is true. If you know the right people and stay away from the law, you'll do just fine. There's plenty of mooks here, just waiting to be picked clean by a street entrepreneur, such as yourself. Just keep in mind, there's a pecking order to follow around here. You and your thuggish friend here report to me, I report to Sal the Shoe, and he reports to Fatman Frederico the Lieutenant. Who's above the Fatman, you ask? The Don. Who's the Don? That's none of your business, shmuck. You just got off the boat, you don't get to ask many questions. You just keep your nose clean and do as you're told. If you're smart, you'll get to meet the Don someday. Who knows, maybe you'll even get to be a lieutenant, someday. What? You came here to be the Don? Nice joke, kiddo, now scram.
Omerta: City of Gangsters takes the multi-layered city simulation (not unlike the one in the Tropico series), splices it with excellent turn-based combat, and puts it all in the middle of prohibition-era Atlantic City, ruled by Itallian mob families. The game offers real time "business" management in a vividly simulated urban landscape, with 20 detailed territories to seize control over. When your character, the aspiring criminal, and his mobsters need to settle "minor" differences with one of the competing families, the game enters a fully-fledged squad-based tactical mode that utilizes a system of initiative-based turns. With a highly replayable campaign and cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode, this game will satisfy all strategy fans, not only the ones fascinated with the 1930s period.
Don't be a mook, when you can be a wiseguy! You can start enjoying the life of a made man today, in Omerta: City of Gangsters, for $39.99 on!