Release: Moonbase Commander

All of your base are belong on the moon.
Moonbase Commander a unique and charming mix of strategy, puzzle, management, and arcade games set in the barren landscape of the Moon itself, is now available on, for only $5.99.
Looking for a game with original gameplay idea? Look no further! Moonbase Commander delivers one of the most unique mechanics ever to be seen in a computer game. The objective of the game is to establish a working network of facilities and structures in the otherworldly planes of an inhabitable moon. Each and every node of your infrastructure needs to be launched upwards so that it lands in the correct position. This brings some similarities to a golf game into the picture. But that's not all the challenge you will find in the barren landscape. Other commanders try to establish their bases in the same territory. You'll need to include some defensive structures in your design and try to get your weapon systems as close to your enemies as possible and skillfully launch your attacks--just as in a game of Worms. Just remember that all of the nodes need to stay connected by power supply lines!
Moonbase Commander stands out with its unique gameplay. It's one of these games that take a minute get into but days and days to master. Masterfully programmed AI will provide a real challenge while you race for control over scarce resources and try to keep your quickly growing base fully operational. The game comes with an extremely easy to use map editor, so you can never run out of scenarios to play!
Carefully plan your moves, take aim, launch your modules, and extend your territory crushing your opponents and proving that you're the supreme Moonbase Commander, for only $5.99!