Release: Machinarium Collector's Edition

Best Independent Adventure, Best Adventure of 2009 Runner-Up,
Best Graphic Design, Best Music, Best Animation
- Aggie
Best Indie Game of 2009 - Gamasutra
Best Traditional Adventure Game of 2009 - AceGamez
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction - Academy of Interactive Arts
Excellence in Visual Art in 2009 - Independent Game Fesitval
PC Game of the Year 2009 Runner-up - Kotaku
You can add Machinarium, indie gold nugget, to your very own ‘Best of’ collection for only $9.99 with 8 wallpapers, full soundtrack (which costs $5 extra elsewhere), 8 avatars, 22 artworks, 114 design sketches, available today on
You may have thought Czech are famous only for pilsner, dumplings, Eva Herzigová and Vampires roaming the streets of Prague. Now, thanks to a few brilliant people from Amanita Design, the Czech Republic is also known as the homeland of trippy point-and-clicks, giant robo-junkyards, and mechanical cities. In Machinarium, you find a small robot named Josef lying on a scrapheap, kicked out of the strange city of robots. You need to get back to the city to confront and defeat the Evil Black Cap Brotherhood that terrorized robot kind and took away Josef’s girlfriend. The goal of Machinarium is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers by clicking on objects that are within Josef’s reach. So, it’s a typical point-and-click, but in the same fashion as The Triplets Of Belleville is a typical animation.
Machinarium is hands down one of the most beautiful games for PCs ever. Of course it’s a matter of taste, but the colored pencil drawings, eerie music, and the clever conversations that involve no dialogues but rather pictographs all combine to create an ethereal atmosphere like in Le Voyage dans la lune or Metropolis. Extraordinary amount of work has been put to detailing the world to perfection, allowing you to discover all the small and big things that make the story of the little robot so artistically unique, brilliantly crafted, imaginatively realised, and fascinating to play. Machinarium is like reading your favorite book in a strange fantastic language you find yourself comprehending after the first few lines.
There is no game quite like Machinarium, and you should not be reading this right now. Instead you should be immersed in the imaginative and memorable robo-world for $9.99 only, available now on