UPDATE: Release: MachiaVillain | Soundtrack now also available

The house that blood built.
UPDATE: Hey evil masterminds, the official Soundtrack is now available for purchase!
What's more, the game got super-charged with a sweet update that brings the power of lightning at your fingertips, many bug fixes, a new Succubus minion, and a whole lot of improvements. Plus it's 50% off until February 8th, 3pm UTC!
MachiaVillain is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com, 20% off until May 23, 5pm UTC.
Being a pro villain is a tough career choice. But it's your dream so here you are, up to your elbows in unused supplies, complicated scheduling, and...human entrails? Looks like your ensemble of horror-movie ghouls and psychopaths is at it again. Now, if you truly want your mansion to grow, you must build the necessary facilities, murder and process your guests efficiently, then feed your underlings so that they can keep up their evil ways for another night.