Release: Lucius

The embodiment of evil is four feet tall.
Lucius, the wicked adventure game of gruesome murders and devil possession that is paying a tribute to the classic Omen movies, is now available 10% off on That's only $17.99 until Friday, November 2, at 10:59AM GMT.
Born on June the 6th, 1966 Lucius seemed to be a perfectly normal child until his sixth birthday, when he met his real dad. Well, they didn't exactly had a chance to talk in person, but the boy had a dream in which they spent some quality time together, plotting the demise of all humankind, defying God, and murdering all of Lucius' family and household staff. Does that seem a tad dark to you? Well, that's perfectly normal for a six year old child. That is if his dear old biological dad is the First of the Fallen, the Lightbringer, Lucifer (also known as Satan).
Lucius is a dark, esoteric adventure game in which you witness the unholy exploits of the Antichrist himself, currently occupying the body of a little boy. The orders from below are clear: all of the inhabitants of his family mansion--yes, including the Gardner--must die. Just make it all look like an accident. Otherwise, someone might start to suspect you, the obviously innocent boy with slightly glowing reddish eyes.
Mount the satanic tricycle of doom and ride across the creepy mansion halls in Lucius, for only $17.99.

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