Release: Little Nightmares

When bad meets evil.
Little Nightmares, the delightfully grotesque adventure of a little girl navigating a vessel full of hungry souls, is now available, DRM-free on!
Every child might enter the Maw at some point in their lives, led by their impressionable imagination or fear of ordinary things.
It is a horrible, fascinating place, lurking under the ocean. Twisted creatures roam its rotten halls, lumbering their disfigured bodies in a semi-involuntary fashion. But there's whimsy here too! Everything is out of proportion, comically distorted and embarrassed of its own existence - much like in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. And amidst this disturbingly charming playground stands the fragile silhouette of Six, a girl in a yellow raincoat that desperately wants to escape.
You can now grab the harrowing soundtrack separately.
--Reviews Roundup--
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RockPaperShotgun loved almost every minute of it.
Polygon admits that the game worked its way into their dreams with its creepy charm.
Eurogamer calls it a masterpiece of meat and malice, swiftly consumed but with a lingering aftertaste. Yummy.
Destructoid got a dish of heart-pounding terror, that left them hungry for more.
Videogamer found it intensely unsettling, horribly beautiful, and with amazing attention to detail.