Release: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

They say the dead know no pain. Things are about to change!
Meet Raziel: a vampire-turned-wraith, who will show you how to have a soul-devouringly good time for just $5.99 on
Soul Reaver is technically the second installment in Legacy of Kain series, but practically it’s a beginning of a new adventure. What is important is that the game brought the franchise into 3D and introduced a completely new character while maintaining the uniquely dark and seductive atmosphere. The player controls Raziel, once one of six powerful lieutenants of Kain who was later broken and killed by his former master. Reanimated in the Spectral Realm as a wraith by The Elder God, Raziel serves as the deity's "angel of death" and will not stop unless his five undead vampiric brothers--and Kain himself!--are destroyed.
The gameplay is flawless, fights are violent and gory, and the game requires you to shift in real-time between the material and spectral planes to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. Raziel, the series’ new anti-hero is a character who feels real despite his wraithlike nature. His striking visual appearance (a wrap hiding his jawless face, radiant pupilless eyes, tattered wings, and claws and feet), tragic nature, personality change throughout the game, and his blue symbiotic blade, made him one of the most recognizable characters in gaming history.
Once you get ahold of the Soul Reaver sword, you will never want to stop hacking and slashing, especially for just $5.99 on