Release: King of Dragon Pass

Click your clan to glory!
King of Dragon Pass, the unique storytelling experience that challenges your leadership skills, is now available on for only $5.99!
This game is different. By any standards King of Dragon Pass is a unique gaming experience. It focuses solely on storytelling, and in each play-through the story is told differently. It resembles those "choose your own adventure" books, that were quite popular before the invention of video games, but offers way more options to choose from at every step. The ways the story of your clan and its conquest of Dragon Pass can unfold are virtually limitless and they are affected by every single decision you make. There's consequence to every action in this game and the choices between right or wrong rarely are apparent. Wrong choices don't end the game, though. Like in real life, they just make things harder.
King of Dragon Pass is a welcome change of pace after all those action-focused RPGs, real-time strategies, and linear adventure games. You can take your time while choosing the best course of action for your clan and seek advice within the ring of elders. The game plays a little bit like a Civilization game, a bit like an RPG, and a lot like an epic saga of hardened men and women struggling to survive. Can you lead them to glory in a strange world full of fierce creatures, tribal politics, aggression, anthropomorphic animals, and strange magic?
Settle down in the unexplored territory, choose your actions wisely, and become the King of Dragon Pass, for only $5.99!