Release: Jack Keane

Rugged Rogue Redux!
Jack Keane, an adventure game full of daring deeds, valiant ventures, and sinister schemes that you will take on with Jack's trademark roguish charm, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the first week!
Witness Jack's first grand adventure! Well, the first we have a record of, anyway. It's hard to say how his adventuring career actually started, as his past remains uncertain. It's suspected that he's an orphan and that he spent his early life on London's streets. He is no stranger to theft and mischief, but all who know him can attest that Jack's heart is in the right place and his soul is pure. How did he become a defender of the British Empire, a treasure hunter, and a famous traveler--nobody knows. Maybe this story can give us some answers?
Jack Keane is an adventure game full of movie-like qualities. We have a handsome protagonist who laughs in the face of danger while he saves the day and gets the girl. We have a beautiful heroine who, in turn, saves the hero. We have a gallery of villains plotting against our heroes' homeland, and a cast of supporting characters ready to deliver comedic relief. With colorful graphics, zany plot twists, and original story, Jack Keane is a worthy entry in any adventure fan's game collection!
High adventure calls as the British Empire calls upon its defender, Jack Keane. Witness it all for only $4.99 on! The 50% discount offer lasts until Thursday, August 8, at 12:59PM GMT.