Release: Imperialism

The fate of the world is not in your hands. Yet.
Imperialism, the famous turn-based strategy that makes you reach for the world domination via economy, diplomacy, and war, is now available on, for only $5.99.
It has ever been so, that the Great Powers rule the world. Any world - imaginary or real. At first, you don't even know what is that strange craving in your gut. Then you go and try to satisfy it. Once you take a bite, you never stop craving for more. Such enthralling is the taste of power. Then you become larger, and larger. Those around you start to fear you and respect you. You gain more influence. It becomes easier for you to manipulate others--by promises, threats, or simply by making them dependant of you. You can force them into helping you to increase your dominion even further. Then one day you wake up and discover, that the world trembles at your feet. Good times.
Imperialism gives you the ability to conquer the world by any means you see fit. The turn-based gameplay starts in the year 1825 (which is considered to be the actual beginning of the XIX century), and takes you through the age of technological and economical advancement, as you struggle for dominion with other Great Powers. There's no one key to success here. You'll have to remember all the factors that a leader must take into account: economy, diplomacy, warfare, research, and resource management. Whether you choose to play a random or a historical scenario, remember that it's a cutthroat world out there.
Ever wanted to become the leader of us all? Real power is never given. It's taken, so grab Imperialism now, for only $5.99.
Oh, and by the way--remember how we teased you an upcoming release in the last This Week on GOG? The hint was: “Grow your spheres of influence through guile, trading, or just exploiting those who don’t know any better.“ The game we teased was Imperialism, which was known under the working title Sphere of Influence.