UPDATE - Release: Hybrid Wars + Yoko Takano DLC

Rise of the machines.
UPDATE 2: The second hero DLC included in the Season Pass is out! Yoko Takano joins the fray — born to protect and serve (for a price) she will spearhead the revolution in private military services!
UPDATE: The first hero DLC included in the Season Pass is out! You can now do battle as Yana "Tesla" Radovich, a self-taught genius and talented hacker, who relies both on her wits and her crazy hardware.
Hybrid Wars, a top-down shooter starring hulking machines and plenty of explodable enemies, is now available for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on GOG.com, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements.
In 2060, war is no longer a job for the meager foot soldier. Technology has given birth to a wide range of advanced killing machines, like tanks, robots, helicopters, and formidable mechs called Titans. As the Hybrid Wars break out, you'll find yourself commanding one such metallic monstrosity while roaming 8 expansive locations, filled with enemies to blow up and objectives to complete. Pick a hero, enter the belly of the beast you like best and equip it with the most efficient loadout. Quick reflexes and smart manoeuvres will go a long way but surviving consecutive waves of mechanized enemies and taking down towering bosses will take all the firepower you can muster.
Jump inside the cockpit of a futuristic war machine and join the Hybrid Wars, DRM-free on GOG.com.
If you want to gear up in full, pick up the Deluxe Edition, which includes an additional playable character, a digital art book, and the game's official soundtrack.
Two more hero characters are coming out in the following months, and you can recruit them now through the Season Pass.