Release: Humans Must Answer

First Kentucky, then the world!
Humans Must Answer, an old-school horizontal shoot-em-up with razor-sharp visuals, a non-stop storm of blazing projectiles, and a witty back-story, is available 33% off on That's only $6.66 for the first week!
For thousands of years the humankind slaughtered and devoured chickens. With ruthless bestiality, the evil inhabitants of the Solar System consumed billions of innocent poultry lives. Those blood-drenched criminals are always hungry for avian flesh and there was no stopping the genocide. Until now. Today, we fight back, for our brethren spending their lives in the horror of the human regime. For every leg, every nugget, every wing--humans must answer!
Humans Must Answer delivers the classic arcade gameplay of the space-ship shoot-em-up genre with a considerable plot twist. This time you won't be defending the Earth. You'll be the alien invader, instead. As a brave pilot of the intelligent cosmic chicken race, you'll take vengeance for all of the chickens that humankind consumed in history. Making your way through the Solar System, you'll face the human forces in frantic battle and make sure they answer for their carnivorous ways. This fantastic game coming from the people who once brought you S.T.A.L.K.E.R. may, or may not make you rethink your diet. One thing's certain: it will entertain you with its amazing looks and great gun-blazing gameplay!
If you too think that Humans Must Answer for their crimes against chickenkind, get this fantastic shoot-em-up for only $6.66 on! That's 33% off until Thursday, July 18, at 9:59AM GMT.