Release: Hotline Miami

The night before a CSI case.
Hotline Miami, a maniacal retro-styled top-down shooter in the vein of grindhouse slasher movies, is now available on for only $8.99! That's 10% off the regular price until Friday, October 26, 9:59PM GMT, exclusively on!
They say you always remember your first one. Well, I don't. It's probably because I was too young to remember. I was only 18 months old and I pushed a plastic toy shovel into the eye socket of a kid in the sandbox. They thought it was an accident. Then in kindergarten, when I was 4, I pushed a pair of paper scissors into our teacher's gut. I got two candy bars, a comic-book, and a soda pop out of it; some other kids chipped in. That was my first paid job. By the time I was 12 I was already through some institutions. It always seemed kind of pointless, if you ask me. I'm perfectly fine, I just know that killing is the easiest way to get what you want. That includes getting out of a loony bin. Or a federal prison. How many did I kill? I don't know. Does that matter? You know damn well I'm qualified. You want those guys killed or not? Good. Leave instructions on my voice mail. What's with the horse mask, you ask? Silly question. I like animals, stupid.
***WARNING: this game is suitable for adult gamers only***
From the mind of Cactus, the enfant terrible of indie game development scene, comes Hotline Miami, a ultra-violent, fast-paced, top-down, retro-styled shooter that pits an armed psychopat (you) against the scum of the Miami criminal underground (your prey). If it wasn't for the pixelated graphics the game would probably be too gory to play. But even with the nostalgic artstyle we recommend playing this one on empty stomach--the game is going to try to scare you out of your wits, and it will succeed. With challenging, ultra-fast gameplay, unforgiving enemies, twisted backstory, and unique design, Hotline Miami is something you just have to see. Even if you'll have to gouge your eyeballs out later.
Are you on meds? Well, don't take them tonight. You'll gonna need all the crazy you can muster to face Hotline Miami DRM-free, for only $8.99--an exclusive offer for users!