Release: Hearts of Iron III

Experience the true scale of a world war, the best in its class, Paradox style.
Hearts of Iron III the deepest and most accessible World War II simulation yet, is available now, DRM-free on at a 75% discount when you get it with the Complete DLC Collection in one purchase, or 66% off on its own.
Few would bat an eye if you tried calling the Hearts of Iron series a straight up World War II simulator, these are the few games that would never be out of place in any modern classroom. But for all the irreplicable, massive depth and scale there's a long list of gamers who fell trying to break through the iron curtain of a learning curve.
That's where Hearts of Iron III comes in. It's the sequel that focuses on really streamlining the miles deep simulation and flattening the learning curve to truly become the best and most accessible in its class.
None of this is to say that there's less content here, or that the series sacrificed anything in an appeal to the masses. Hearts of Iron III still takes a time investment, and it's still in a league of its own with mindblowing scale and depth: governments are simulated in detail from heads-of-state through cabinet members and generals (each with their own personality that you can use for your own means, else they be used against you), there are tens of hundreds controllable provinces, a sophisticated war economy, tons of scenarios, and more strategic and tactical possibilities than you could ever shake your sharpened, warmongering stick at.
For a more expansive experience, you can also pick up the Hearts of Iron III DLC Collection, featuring every bit of bonus content released to date - all at 75% off.
The bottom line is, Hearts of Iron III is as close as it gets to wrapping a hardcore simulation in a fun, one of a kind video game. It's also available now, DRM-free on with a hefty 75% discount alongside its DLC Collection! The launch promo will last until Tuesday, August 4, 12:59 PM GMT.