Release: Gomo

Go Gomo!
Gomo, a cartoonish adventure game with an impressive amount of weird and wacky, is available 10% off on That's $7.19 for the first week.
Gomo, in the developers' own words: "[...] is point'n'click exploration game created by Fishcow Studio. Help Gomo to save his best friend--dog Dingo on his journey." This strange puzzle-filled point and click adventure blatantly takes over your screen with its odd humor, strange visuals, and its insane gameworld governed by rules that are hard to understand for a mentally stable human being. Whatever your experience with adventure games might be, prepare for something completely different. No, actually, don't try to prepare. Just go Gomo!
Do you enjoy strange adventures in odd worlds full of crazy characters and insane ideas? Well, jump right into the world of Gomo, for only $7.19 on The 10% release discount offer lasts until Friday, December 13, 10:59AM GMT.