Release: GEX

1990s - when TV was still a thing!
GEX, a TV-culture-crazed classic side-scrolling platformer where you take down the devious media mogul Rez as a wise-cracking gecko, is available for only $5.99 on!
His uncle modeled for a yuppie shirt logo, his Dad blew up in a NASA rocket, his busy Mom raised him in front of the tube. Meet GEX - a wisecracking gecko with a major attitude. With his blazing tongue, battering tail, and sharp wit, this outrageous reptile is ready to kill TV and movie rejects in a sidesplitting game of awesome intensity! This classic platformer from the 90s serves up a myriad of decade-specific TV and movie one-liners, and lets you battle your way through 5 uniquely-themed worlds of the Media Dimension. Not to mention that your hero GEX, unlike most geckos, can hurl fireballs, climb buildings, tail-slap his foes, and inhale power-up bugs for extra energy.
Want to see the game in action? Here's a recording of the feature stream: GOG Classics: GEX with BaerTaffy!