Release: Fist Puncher

A game where you punch stuff with your fists!
Fist Puncher, an insane comedic brawler with pixelated graphics, cow throwing, and bucket-loads of weird humor, is available 60% off on That's only $3.99 for the next 48 hours!
Fist Puncher is one of those games so full of explosive insanity, that it's not easy to describe to the general public. Let's try either way. There is this team of violent vigilantes, led by the neurosurgeon / martial arts master / philanthropist / macho / rockstar / crime fighter, Doctor Karate. With the help of a disgracefully doping ex-athlete Steroid Jackson, the masked Beekeeper, and deadly derby girl Hella Fistgerald, as well as a whole cast of other deranged keepers of justice, he takes on a evil syndicate led by the kingpin of crime known as The Milkman. The crew blasts through the city of Las Cruces, turning chaos and mayhem into more chaos and mayhem, in the good old tradition of bombing stuff for the sake of peace and justice. In the process, they will throw cows at goons, participate in ostrich races, and crush Nazi birthday parties. OK, how's that for a description? Nope, still doesn't do the game justice. There you go: see the madness with your own eyes!
Don't wait another second! Jump right into the crazy action with Fist Puncher, for only $3.99 on Be quick to grab it, because the 60% off release discount offer lasts only until Saturday, November 30, at 10:59AM GMT.