Release: Evoland

Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving.
Evoland, a console-style RPG that starts off as very basic 8-bit(ish) game and evolves to become more advanced and complex as you play it, is available 10% off on That's only $8.99 for the first week!
What makes a console-style action-RPG? This is a concept that has been evolving immensely over the years. So, why don't we take all that defines--and used to define--this genre and put it in one game? Why don't we make the player observe the evolution of gameplay-types, ideas, and visuals, as he progresses further in the game? Why not give him or her the chance to upgrade the game itself, from within the game? Intriguing, right? Well, that's exactly what Evoland is about.
Evoland is a concept game, but unlike many other concept games it offers much more than gameplay based on a gimmick. The story that the game tells you in its unique way is alone interesting enough to make it well-worth playing. The fact that in this single game, you're getting the whole history of console-style action-RPGs in a nutshell can be treated just as a bonus feature. In the end, though, you might find that the main drive for you is to find just one more upgrade-chest and find out how it will affect the gameworld. With many aesthetics and mechanics tightly packed together, waves of nostalgia passing as you play, and a high level of polish, this original title is something you should really check out!
Get upgrading! Start with upgrading your computer with a fresh copy of Evoland, for only $8.99 on The discount will last until Thursday, April 11, at 10:59AM GMT.