Release: Etherlords 2

Harness the power of Ether!
Etherlords 2, a fantastic mix of strategy, RPG, and trading-card game mechanics set in a colorful and diverse fantasy world, is available on, for only $5.99.
If you are familiar to the world of Etherlords (we have released the first game in the series a couple of months ago), than you know what to expect and you're probably summoning, enchanting, and generally ensorcelling right now. However, if you didn't have a chance to play the first part, it's high time to find out why so many fans of fantasy turn-based tactical combat spend dozens of hours exploring the magical Etherworld. Etherlords 2 is, simply saying, a mix of Magic: The Gathering and Heroes of Might and Magic. You control a single hero through one of five non-linear campaigns for different races. Your hero accumulates an army, experience, skills, and abilities, which he can later use during the most important part of the game--challenging tactical battles with hundreds of units and spells. Since every race uses different cards and units, expect a lot of variety and prepare for some tough decisions when deciding how to approach each different opponent.
If you're looking for tactical depth with eye-catching graphics and some decent voice acting and are willing to sacrifice a decent chunk of your free time to create a perfect deck, than don't waste time and buy Etherlords 2 right now on for only $5.99.