Release: Etherlords

Gather your magic, mighty hero!
Etherlords, a challenging turn-based strategy game with exquisite visuals and unique trading-card battle mechanics, is now available on for only $5.99.
Ether is everything. Therefore the one who controls the Ether controls the whole of the existence. But Ether isn't just a mindless force saturating the universe. It has a will of its own and it won't submit easily. It seeks balance in all things but at the same time it hates stagnation. It drives the four intelligent races--the dexterous winged Kinets, the forest worshiping Vitals, the fearsome brutes Chaots, and the bio-metallic Synthets--to find their equilibrium in battle. The face of the world ever changing, the balance of the world ever shifting--Ether does not allow any of the factions to keep the upper hand. But there is one person wielding the ultimate power over Ether in all of its diversity. Can you defeat him and become the next White Lord?
Etherlords combine the trading-card duel mechanics of Magic: The Gathering with the world exploration and resource gathering of Heroes of Might and Magic. The player takes control over a champion of one of the game's four diverse races and embarks on a quest for ultimate power. On his way, he will collect and produce new cards to build a supreme deck allowing to summon units into battle. The game offers two extensive campaigns: one for the Kinets and Vitals, who represent the light and prolific aspect of Ether, the other one for Chaots and Synthets, who personify the dark and destructive facet of the omnipresent force. The choice of a race, however, affects the gameplay much more than the choice of faction, as each of the four champions has his own agenda and a unique set of spells and units.
Learn how to draw power out of thin air, build your ultimate deck, and become one of the Etherlords, for only $5.99!