Release: Ethan: Meteor Hunter

Nibbling at time itself.
Ethan: Meteor Hunter, a very challenging, but nonetheless adorable puzzle-platformer with a cool telekinetic twist that lets you stop time and remotely manipulate the objects around you, is available on, for only $9.99.
Do you like to take your platformers with extra challenge, crafty puzzles, sleek graphics, and adorable characters? Ethan: Meteor Hunter has you covered! Ethan is but a small mouse, but his special powers are nothing short of exceptional. The little guy can pause time and remotely manipulate the objects around him. That gives him at least some chance against all the devious traps this fantastic puzzle platformer's 50 levels are filled with. You can approach the game in many different ways, simply finding the easiest way to complete each stage, trying to collect all the pick-ups, or aiming at the smallest number of telekinetic manipulations needed to get through a level. That allows each player to find the level of challenge he feels best with, in this masterfully crafted game of reflexes and wits.
Guide one exceptional mouse through many dangerous ordeals and find out how telekinesis and time manipulation affect the gameplay of a platformer in Ethan: Meteor Hunter, for only $9.99 on