Release: DROD 1+2+3

A true indie classic!
DROD 1+2+3, a classic indie (that's a thing!) puzzle/adventure/RPG trilogy with gameplay full of mind-boggling challenges, and a unforgettable male lead, is available on, for only $9.99.
There's a notion that indie game development is a recent trend. Created by Erik Hermansen in 1997 DROD--or Deadly Rooms of Death--is a great example that it isn't so. Following mostly the adventures of Beethro, a hero who is mostly remembered for his extremely unlucky charisma rolls, the games combine clever puzzle game mechanics with top-down dungeon crawling. What this series lacks in visual department it more than makes up for in its huge amount of complex and challenging levels. DROD 1+2+3 contains King Dugan's Dungeon, Journey to Rooted Hold, The City Beneath--the three classic campaigns that will take you hours, and hours to solve.
Put on your thinking cap, prepare for some peculiar humor, and experience all that DROD 1+2+3 has to offer, for only $9.99 on That's only $3.33 per an amazing indie classic!