Release: Driftmoon

The adventure that can last forever.
Driftmoon, a charming and detailed indie role-playing adventure, complete with a robust mod editor that will let you create your own complex scenarios, is available 20% off on That's only $11.99 for a week, starting today.
Here's a game that will make you smile. It's plain to see that a lot of love and passion of its creators went into the process of making Driftmoon happen. This fantastic world was created with great attention to detail and no corners were cut when it came to producing the fable-like story. The creators' affection for their work is present in every dialog, every corner of the map and every little item in the game's world. Even though at times it's a little rough around the edges, this title presents everything that's good about indie role-playing development!
Driftmoon sports classic role-paying gameplay, complete with quests, battles, items, skills, and a party of adventurers. The charming 3D world is presented in fixed-angle top-down view, so it's always easy to keep track on of what's happening on the screen. The main scenario is full of adventure, secrets, dread, and enchantment. Even stories of pirate treasures take part in your quest! Once you finish the original campaign, there's a mod editor that will allow you to create your own fantastic land and experience other player's creations!
Step into the colorful, fantastic world of Driftmoon and let your inner-child experience a wonderful adventure, for only $11.99 on The promo lasts until Tuesday, March 5, at 10:59AM GMT.