Release: Doomdark's Revenge

Someone called her late daddy Doom-dork. Now, she's out for blood.
Doomdark's Revenge, a bigger, more complex sequel to the unique classic mash-up of RPG, strategy, and interactive fiction, faithfully recreated for modern systems, is now available on for only $5.99
Doomdark's Revenge is a revamped version of the 1985 game, retaining its gameplay and graphical style, just adding some more intuitive interface and high resolution graphics. At its core, however, this is the exact same title that enthralled the imagination of many gamers almost three decades ago. The turn based game mixes elements of an adventure with a robust, well-written storyline, an epic wargame in which you manage and command large armies, and a role-playing game with much focus on exploration of the game's incredibly detailed landscape. You already slew the evil Witchking Doomdark, now you're up against his wicked daughter, Shareth, the Witchqueen of Carnage. This is no easy task, as the sequel introduces a whole new level of independence to the NPCs whose help you need to complete it, and beating the game in any of the possible ways will prove quite a challenge. Let one of the oldest, yet greatest stories ever told in a computer game unfold before you!
Help yourself to some delicious 8-bit nostalgia, and fend off the corrupt legions of evil to foil the plan of lady Doomdark's Revenge, for only $5.99 on