Release: Desktop Dungeons & Goatperson DLC

A dungeon-crawling adventure to last a lifetime (served in 10-minute chunks)!
Desktop Dungeons, a coffee-break turn-based dungeon crawler with tons of varied content, comedic style, and insanely high replayability, is available for Windows and Mac OS X, 33% off on That's only $9.99 for the first week. Also available, Goatperson DLC, adding an extra character class and the hunger factor to the game, for only $3.32 (that's 33% off for the first week).
Here's the perfect coffee-break game: fight your way through fantasy dungeons in as little as 10 minutes. You'll never play the same location twice. Each dungeon is randomly generated, yet always (somehow) winnable. Explore the finely-tuned gameplay as you learn more and more impressive ways to beat vicious bosses and unlock new items, gods and heroes to play. This is the classic roguelike play re-imagined as a unique award-winning single-screen puzzle adventure!
Desktop Dungeons is a quick-play, roguelike-like puzzle game that gives you 10-20 minutes of dungeon-crawling action per serving. Casual players can enjoy endless coffee-break gaming sessions in infinitely random dungeons, while hardcore enthusiasts can unearth the game’s subtleties and tackle challenges of unrealistic viciousness. Down all paths lies frequent death, easy accessibility and the urge to play just one more dungeon. The Goatperson DLC adds a new playable class to Desktop Dungeons' already large roster of characters. The use of this character introduces one of the classic roguelike problems: hunger! It also enables a useful Item Lottery for players with more gold than sense, as well as a series of unique Triple Quests that pit players against three randomly generated dungeons in a row.
Both Desktop Dungeons and the Goatperson DLC are available 33% off (that's $9.99 and $3.32 respectively) on, until Tuesday, June 17, at 9:59AM GMT. Set out on an neverending adventure, today!
Desktop Dungeons has a completely optional cloud-saving system that's useful if you plan to play the same Kingdom on multiple machines, the browser version and mobile versions (coming soon).Your unique cloud-key can be found under My Account. In order to also enjoy the DLC features in your browser version, please use them first in your desktop version and save the game via the the cloud-saving system.