Release: Deadlock: Planetary Conquest and Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars

Your planetary dominion begins here.
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest and Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars, two excellent Sci-Fi turn-based strategy games that will allow you to explore the planet, expand your influence, exploit the resources under your control, and exterminate the foes of your empire, are available for $5.99 each, on This week only, you'll receive a 33% off discount when getting both of them. That's only $7.98 for the set of two!
Beneath you floats magnificent, untamed Gallius IV, a terran world newly discovered in this disputed part of the galaxy. Your colony ship is ready, equipped with all the basics you need to settle this planet. The select group of colonists orbiting with you are prepared both to build a strong colony and to defend it to the last stone. Other ships are also scanning the planet's surface, choosing the landing site for their colony. All past allegiances have been cast aside in the fever for this world. So begins Deadlock: Planetary Conquest, an intense turn-based strategic simulation. Seven races colonize a virgin planet, but only one will survive. Build your province’s structures. Conduct research to advance your race. Devise the perfect strategy of diplomacy, intimidation and warfare. Every decision you make will determine the ultimate fate of your people, your empire, and your survival.
Discovered, in the aftermath of the Gallius IV war, ancient and mysterious Shrines have revealed the location of an extinct alien home world. These Shrines unlock the most powerful technology in the Universe. Now, seven interstellar empires race across the galaxy to conquer this one planet and gain the secret power of the ancient civilization. That's the premise of Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars another exciting game of strategy, resource management and military conquest in the series. Each race fighting to dominate the planet has its own strengths and weaknesses - learn to exploit them to your advantage. Build, trade, research, attack, as you search for the ancient knowledge that will grant you ultimate control over the entire Universe.
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