Release: Cyberia 2: Resurrection

More puzzles, more action, more infiltration.
Cyberia 2: Resurrection, the sequel to an Interplay classic action-adventure, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux - DRM-free on!
Cyberia 2: Resurrection is the sequel to the 1994's Interplay title recently released on The experience does not stray far from the original, with stealth and adventure gameplay interspersed with on-rails shooter sequences and CGI cutscenes - all improved and more ambitious than ever before - the action picks up immediately as the Cyberia superweapon (with you inside) crashes back on Earth. You're now prisoner to a deep, cryogenic sleep as the evil wrought by the sinister FWA continues to spread in the form of a doomsday virus called Nano-Toxin. You awake three years later to a world on the brink of extinction, and a world that still needs saving.
Finish what you started in Cyberia 2: Resurrection, available now DRM-free on!