Release: Cultures 3+4

Very Cultural Vikings
Cultures 3+4, a pair of real-time strategy games from the Cultures (also known as Northland and 8th Wonder of the World) is available in a bundle, now on for $9.99.
Travels are fun, especially when they help you discover the meaning behind those strange visions you have been having recently, and even more especially if you're defeating ancient Snake Gods. You did some all-around-the-world travelling in Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard, but now it's time to get back to Northlands to set up societies, build and expand cities, do some anti-monster magic, wander around some underworlds, and fight the legendary Fenris Wolf. In 8th Wonder of the World, Bjarni and friends need to create 8 Wonders of the World (surprise!) to save humanity once again. GO VIKINGS!
Cultures games are city-building RTSes with some RPG elements, minimal fighting and plenty of construction, expansion, and customization. If you really want to dig deep into the lives of your Vikings, you'll be happy to know that every single unit in Northland is unique, with its own experience, occupation, available professions, and many other unique characteristics. Micromanagement is the name of the game and if you liked Cultures 1+2, The Settlers, or Caesar 3, you'll enjoy the detailed interface, social interactions, plethora of options, and difficult AI.
Grab Cultures 3+4, a bundle of Viking-and-fun-based real-time strategies made by people who know how to make Viking-and-fun-based real-time strategies, now on for $9.99.