Release: Cultures 1+2

Eat your heart out, Columbus!
Cultures 1+2, a set of two exploration-focused RTS games in which you lead a Viking kindred to unimaginable glory, is now available on, for only $9.99.
Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Christopher Columbus, the great sailors of the age of exploration, shared one little known thing. They all hated Vikings. Why? Just imagine. You spend long months at sea, battling against the storms, trying to keep your flotilla afloat and your men alive, you don't eat nearly enough, you don't get decent sleep, everything tastes like vinegar, and you miss the company of ladies. It takes you so long to reach your destination, that you almost forget that dry land actually exists. But then you hear a cheerful "land, ho!" coming down from the crow's nest and you just know that all of this was worth it. You tremble with excitement, as you board the landing boat and you want to shout from the top of your lungs as your feet touch the sandy beach of the NEW WORLD for the first time. But then you notice. A broken down drakkar. A horned helmet half-buried in the sand. A standing-stone with a runic description saying "Eric wuz here". Of course, you never tell that to anyone. Back home you are celebrated as the first European who set foot in the new land. But you know. Vikings. Damn Vikings.
Cultures 1+2 let you become the leader of an adventurous tribe of Vikings to set off on a voyage of exploration and settle new, more or less exotic lands. The first game's main focus lies in the process of discovery and building a well-functioning infrastructure. In the second one the balance shifts towards war and politics, giving more focus to warrior and diplomat character classes. Both iterations offer endearing, colorful graphics and an amazing amount of gameplay details. If you like RTS games but prefer more focus on exploration and development than most of the games in this genre offer, be sure to try Cultures!
Did you ever wanted to visit distant lands and meet exciting new people (to conquer and enslave or possibly coexist peacefully with)? Become the brave young Viking, Bjarni, and do just that in Cultures 1+2, for only $9.99!