Release: Costume Quest

Put your costume on, John!
Costume Quest, a true to its roots RPG disguised in a colorful outfit of a cartoony Halloween adventure, is now available 50% off on That's only $7.49 for the next two days!
Ah, to be a kid on Halloween! On this one special night the veil between reality and imagination was lifted and anything could happen. The world was full of strange creatures, dangerous monsters, and incredible adventures. The best part was, however, becoming someone you were not. You would put on a Jedi costume, and felt like the fate of the galaxy rested in your little hands. You would become a Knight of the Round Table, and never minded the fact, that your armor is made of tin foil and cardboard. You would strap on a vacuum-cleaner proton pack and a brown jumpsuit and go hunting ghosts in the alleys. On that one night ghosts, dragon, and Sith lords felt real too.
Costume Quest, created by Tim Schafer's Double Fine, tries to capture the spirit of those nights when you were a kid, and everything felt real to you on Halloween. With traditional RPG mechanics, including turn based combat, it tells a story of a group of kids on their incredible adventure. Rescuing your kidnaped sibling is a true quest when you're 8 years old, and even more so when the neighborhood is infested with all sorts of monsters, brought to our world by magic. Luckily, you have the special powers of your costume to help you on your way!
It's time to go trick-or-treating, so dress up and conquer your neighborhood in Costume Quest, for only $7.49 until Thursday, November 15, at 10.59 AM GMT.