Release: Children of the Nile Complete

Immortalize your city!
Children of the Nile Complete, a challenging, complex, and visually appealing historical city-building sim set in the astounding reality of ancient Egypt, is available on, for only $9.99.
In the land pried from the dry claws of the desert by the force of the holy river lived a people obedient to the gods and their earthly son, the Pharaoh. Their collective efforts, channeled towards great things by the blessed rulers and the priests of Ra, would allow this infertile and unwelcoming land to flourish. The sweat of their brow, and pain in the backs would be but a petty price to pay for greatness that would make the world revere the ancient Egyptian culture for centuries to come. The names and faces of the workers would be consumed by the sand and time. They had no place in the tombs and pyramids. But that's not important. What matters, is what would be remembered for eternity. The name of the Pharaoh. Your name.
Children of the Nile Complete gives you the power of Pharaoh, an absolute ruler of the Egyptian people. In this complex and compelling city-builder game you'll be presented with a single task: make your city, and by extent your name, immortal. Easier said than done, as there is a plethora of factors you'll have to manage in this multi-layered title. From urban design, management of the scarce resources, through education and assigning tasks to the population, up to diplomacy, and trade. All to make your dynasty last long enough, to achieve a status of an empire. You can play through the game's campaign or participate in stand-alone scenarios, from the basic game as well as extended edition and the Alexandria expansion. But if that's still not enough, there's a scenario editor at your disposal!
May your glory last forever, oh great Pharaoh. Immortalize your name through your acts in Children of the Nile Complete, available on for only $9.99!