Release: Chaos Overlords

New World Disorder.
Chaos Overlords, a futuristic cyberpunk game presenting a gang war for power and prestige, with deep and diverse board game mechanics, is available on, for only $5.99.
The overgrown civilization collapses around you under its own weight. Most people are too scared of what the City might now become. You are not most people. You are one of the few, who see all of the opportunities these dark, yet colorful, times of social unrest present. This is your time. This is your chance to reach for power and grab the City by its throat. With your cunning and charisma you're able to convince some of the street gangs to follow your lead. That's how you become a Chaos Overlord--one of the revered and feared few who see the method to the madness of the humanity's grim future. he others, however, won't stand by idly as you seize control. You'll have to take it by force, one City block at a time. So, let's start by arming the Renegade Nuns with ultra-fast SMGs and hitting hard the Bicycle Messengers.
Chaos Overlords delivers complex and diverse board game-like gameplay in the flashy setting of cyberpunk dystopia, taken with a hefty pinch of humor. Every game you play can be different from the last one, as you can choose your own victory conditions, take control of different gangs (there's over 70 to choose from!), and equip different weapons and accessories developed in your research labs. The City, represented by a 8x8 grid, becomes a dynamic battlefield and conquering it will present you with many challenges and force you into some real multi-layered thinking. You know you deserve the power, make sure no one stands in your way!
Gaze into the future and behold its terrible glory. This is your playground. Be brutal, be cunning, be quick, reach for power! Grab Chaos Overlords for only $5.99 on!