Release: Carmageddon Max Pack

The Armageddon starts with C.
Carmageddon Max Pack, the game of ruthless racing rivalry and motorized metal mayhem is now available on for only $9.99.
Ah, automobile racing! Such a classy sport. The pinnacle of friendly rivalry, fair play, and finesse. There's quite no other activity a gentleman could enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon in the company of his good chums. I know there are some unprogressive circles proclaiming automobile racing to be brutish, morally corrupt, and unworthy of a true gentleman. I say! It's hard to understand all that public controversy surrounding our favorite pastime. Some accidents are bound to happen, but risk is a crucial ingredient of every elite entertainment. It's certainly not like we are putting anyone but ourselves in the harm's way. The thought that a gentleman driver could run over a pedestrian with his automobile is simply... pedestrian. I can't imagine how this noble sport could ever become unfair, not to mention brutal. Absurd notion, I say. Absurd!
--Sir Harold M. Damage, April 1908, Dullbottomshire
Carmageddon Max Pack, a dynamic racing game with original vehicles, exaggerated car damage model, (un)realistic physics engine, and little to no rules, embodies all the fears of early auto racing contestators. With deviously designed tracks, oddball drivers, and wheeled monstrosities that pass for cars, this game will entertain you just as much as it will shock you. The Max Pack edition includes the original Carmageddon and the Splat Pack expansion. You have to see it for yourself. But before you go, here's a little pro tip: the best way to make sure that no one reaches the finish line before you do is to make sure that no one reaches it at all. In other words--don't hold back!
Gentlemen... uh... people... uh... well... Drivers! Start your engines and roll out for the Carmageddon Max Pack, for only $9.99!
We'd like to thank the members of the amazing Carmageddon community, especially Toshiba-3 and hifi. Thank you, guys! Your contribution to the release of Carmageddon on will never be forgotten.
ATTENTION Kickstarter backers of Carmageddon revival project: your codes have been already sent to Stainless, they should support you with them shortly!
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