Release: Republique: Episode 5

UPDATE (22/03/16): Episode 5: Terminus brings the long-awaited closure to Hope's story.
Terminating issues.
Republique: Episode 5 of the story-based stealth/adventure, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on
Episode 5 concludes the series with a bang, bringing along numerous performance fixes and improvements. It also introduces new gameplay elements and some surprising narrative-branching that might even prompt you to replay the story from its very beginning.
Republique is a story of Hope - the girl who reaches out for your help. You'll view the world through scattered cameras and mobile devices observing, and assisting, Hope in any way that you can. With plenty of secrets and lore (and even easter eggs) to soak in, you'll slowly pick up on bits and pieces of the story of a fugitive heroine in a mysteriously oppressed dystopian future.
Republique Deluxe Edition includes the original Soundtrack, a six-part series The Making of Republique, and two game prototypes that eventually came to be Republique. If you're not ready to commit just yet, you can always get the upgrade later.
The package includes all 5 episodes of the game.
Discover the complete story of Republique, available now DRM-free on

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