Release: Outlast

Our intern screamed with fear.
Outlast, a terrifying stealth-based survival horror game with parkour elements, full of sickening insanity and unscrupulous violence, is available 33% off on That's only $13.39 for the next 3 days!
Did you ever have to run for your life? Like, really escape from something or someone threatening to kill you? Many people imagine themselves paralyzed with fear in a situation like that--immobilized by the sudden realization that death is practically looking into their eyes, and the breath of air they take is probably going to be their last one. Others, imagine they would put up a fight, facing the horror head on and taking their chances against the odds. Truth is, if you only get the split-second that adrenaline needs to kickstart the muscle memory, you will do the same thing as all your ancestors who survived in the race of evolution. You will run. As fast as you can. No, faster than you ever thought you could. Your senses will become sharp, showing you routes of escape your conscious mind would never think of. In this sudden rush of energy and clarity, your little fears will become irrelevant, paling in the presence of the greatest terror of them all: fear for your own survival. You'll be able to do things you never thought were possible, things you'd never imagine yourself doing, without stopping to think even for a heartbeat. That's how you survive. There are horrors in this world, however, that seem impossible to outlast. This is a story about such horror.
Outlast is a first-person perspective horror game, that has you fighting for survival (as in: hiding or running in panic) in a nightmarish mental asylum overrun by hellish maniacs possessed by unnatural bloodlust. Deep and immersive gameplay paired with excellent visuals and competent narrative will make you jump in your seat time after time. The game is full of ideas prominent to the horror genre and makes perfect use of each and every one of them. With a story and characters inspired by actual asylums and cases of criminal insanity, diverse hide or run gameplay with parkour elements, and many gruesome images that one can not simply forget, this title offers one of the most involving and terrifying experiences in the history of gaming. You have been warned.
This Halloween, you could be facing the greatest fears gaming has to offer, sitting in a dark room on the very edge of your chair, heart racing, with sweaty palms and dry lips, playing Outlast, for only $13.39 on! The 33% special release discount offer lasts only until Friday, November 1, at 10:59AM GMT.