Release: Blade of Darkness

As heroic as fantasy gets!
Blade of Darkness, a brutal and challenging TPP action hack ‘n’ slasher set in a dark and gritty heroic fantasy realm that feels like a Robert E. Howard novel, is available on, for only $5.99
Heroic fantasy--a genre of fiction that has fueled the imaginations of many generations. Dark and brutal worlds full of injustice and ominous magic are always waiting for a champion: a man or woman, scantily clad, wielding a legendary weapon, slashing beasts and villains left and right, and looking as fabulous as a demigod. This is the heart and soul of such stories and it didn't change much since the time of ancient myths. The fact that we enjoy them so much proves that we aren't that different from our great ancestors and tales of godlike heroism still get our blood run pumping. Gather ‘round, friends, and hear the story of four heroes and their epic battle against the dark overlord, Dal Gurak, the necromancer.
Blade of Darkness is a third person perspective action game that focuses on combat. Each of the four heroes has its very own set of moves and statistics, and starts the adventure in a different area. There's over 100 different weapons you can use in the game, each with its own characteristics that reflect on the fighting style. New special attacks can be unlocked as your character gains experience and power. While you slash and bash through the hordes of terrifying monsters, you will feel the urge sometimes to stop and look at the beautiful--if a bit gloomy--surroundings. If you're looking for a game that will take you on a fantastic quest filled with merciless combat, this is the one to pick up!
There are great deeds of bravery and might to be done in Blade of Darkness, for only $5.99 on Get heroic!