Release: Cold Waters

Submerging in 3...2...1.
Cold Waters is now available, DRM-free on Get it 20% off until January 11, 2 PM UTC.
The Cold War is now a reality and you are called into action. Run the proper reconnaissance and then strike at the enemy either by approaching silently to unleash your torpedos or launching a long-distance missile strike. This real-time naval battle simulator brings the tension of fighting both above and below the surface, as you engage formidable warships, stealthy submarines, and aircrafts.
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The Cold Waters are deep and unforgiving! If you need a helping hand join us and dive in together with the studio's founders – Niels and Paul – this Saturday, January 6, 7pm UTC in a guest stream hosted by the up-and-coming SupremeTerrific.
And after that, catch DarkSaber2k from the Stream Team, showing off his love for Cold Waters this Sunday 7 PM UTC. And yes, it is personal.