Release: Battle Worlds: Kronos

A whole battle world, not just an isle!
Battle Worlds: Kronos, a deep turn-based strategy game with very modern looks paired with old-school mechanics and hex-based presentation, is available 20% off on That's $23.99 for the first week.
Over the course of human history, someone said that war never changes. That is untrue as war does change over time. It evolves slowly, with a sudden evolutionary jump sparked by technological advancement every now and then. What truly never changes, is human nature. From the moment one of our primate ancestors took a heavy stick to another primate's head, we have been a race of warriors. Or maybe, it began even sooner? So deep is our expertise in violence, so enthralling is the desire for power, that it seems to work at cellular level. No wonder, then, that we took war with us when we set off for the stars. Now, as the Emperor lies dead, the greatest succession war in the history of mankind begins.
If you're an old-time military strategy gamer, Battle Worlds: Kronos will bring back many of your fondest memories. The playfield alone, divided into countless orderly hexes, looks irresistibly familiar. Time-proven turn based mechanics allow for careful planning and provide room for the cleverest of stratagems. Two single-player campaigns provide up to 30 hours of challenge and satisfaction, further extended by special maps and--of course--multiplayer modes, including the oldie-but-goodie hot-seat option. Pair that with visuals absolutely perfect for a mid-range sci-fi strategy game, and what you get is a title no armchair general could possibly resist.
Bring order to the chaotic and dark times of the succession wars and lead humanity to victory--well, a part of humanity at least--in Battle Worlds: Kronos, for only $23.99 on The special release discount offer lasts until Tuesday, November 12, at 10:59AM GMT.