Release: Bastion

Kid looked around. This place seems alright.
Bastion, a renowned tale of the Kid and Narrator, is available now for Windows and Mac OS X, with a 60% launch discount on!
There are two reasons why Bastion became one of the most explosive indie debuts in gaming: the Kid, and the Narrator. An unforgettable duo. Every move the Kid makes, the Narrator follows - step by step, word for word, Bastion is primarily a storytelling experience unlike most that you'll ever see. All that isn't to say that there's nothing more to the experience - Bastion is a well rounded action-RPG, with a combat system that's just intuitive enough that you will never have to struggle, as well as a simple but satisfying RPG system for improving your abilities and home base.
The Kid pulled out a silver coin, didn't think much of it. Bastion is available now, DRM-free on The 60% launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, February 19, at 1:59 PM GMT.