Release: Banished

In wilderness' loving embrace.
Banished, a medieval village sim full of tranquility that evens out the many hardships of an exile's life in the lush and beautiful, but also harsh and unforgiving realm they've been cast into, is available for $19.99 on
We are the banished ones. Cast away from our homeland, exiled by our own brethren. But the woods are bountiful, the river is full of fish, and there's still months before the winter comes. We will toil and we will moil, from the sweat of our brows a village will rise. We will cut trees to make room for roads and houses, we will quarry stone to build walls, we cultivate the land and hunt the woods to fill our granaries, and we will survive. We must. An outcast is an outcast as long as they don't have a place to call home. A home we shall build then, my friends. Here, in the wilderness no one ever braved. It's either that, or the cold breath of winter and the death it brings. Tomorrow, starts another chapter in our story of hardship. For now, we should rest, and marvel at this beautiful day. This has been a long journey.
Banished is a free-form village sim firmly placed in a medieval setting with every possible calamity that comes with it. You will lead a small group of refugees, exiled from their home kingdom only with the clothes on their back and a small cart of supplies. Now, they need to rip a piece of land from the wilderness and make it their home, where they will live, love, have children, and finally die (let their death be peaceful!). You'll need to keep the population happy and healthy by providing them with food and warm shelter. Watch the town grow as you assign 20 different jobs to build buildings, grow food, craft tools and clothing, and more!
Heed our warning: this is not a city-builder you may be expecting. This is a game of survival where death and despair comes uninvited into the tranquility of your settlement just when you least expect it. We challenge you to lead the Banished, for only $19.99 on