Release: Balls of Steel

Come get some pinball!
Balls of Steel, a collection of five testosterone-packed pinball tables designed specially for the toughest of gamers, so hardcore that they had to put Duke Nukem on one of them, is available on, for only $5.99.
So, you thought you would play yourself some pinball, did'ya? Perhaps you thought pinball is an easy game. Wrong! It takes a real gamer to handle the flippers. If you're not prepared, this game is going to make you cwy like a wittle gawl. Do you ever have pinball dreams? Well, welcome to the pinball nightmare! Just look at the title. Look at it, maggot! Is the game called Rainbow Unicorn Paradise Pinball? No! Is it called Magicall Flipper Fluffy Joyride? No! It's called Balls of Steel, and that's exactly what you need to play it and score high.
Balls of Steel features five pinball tables, none of them for the faint of heart. Hardcore horror, solid Sci-Fi, buckets of bullets, and tons of testosterone are the key design feature in this one-of-a-kind pinball game. With everything you could expect from a fast-paced flipper-arcade, including crazy multi-ball action, and a guest star appearance by Duke Nukem himself, this game will make any pinball fan sweat. With joy!
Today, Duke Nukem asks you one question only: are you tough enough to play some real hardcore pinball? If you think you know how to handle Balls of Steel, grab'em on, for only $5.99!